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Jared Edwin - Chef/Owner

Jared's passion for food started early on, growing up working in his family owned bagel shop. He started his professional cooking career at the age of 15, as a dishwasher at a local country club. It was here where he learned the fundamentals of classic cooking, and developed the skills for large volume events. After managing a kitchen at a local music venue Jared decided to combine his love food and music and started ON A Roll Catering.


On A Roll Catering LLC

Our mission is to provide healthy, great tasting food to our community, at a fair price to cater to all of our patrons. Specializing in artisanal sandwiches, rice bowls, and salads with an international flare. Our background in all size and types of events help us provide a positive experience for any customer. From music festivals to weddings to art shows, we are prepared for any event.

Founded in 2017 by Chef/Owner Jared Edwin. The focus of On A Roll was mainly on the music festival circuit, but quickly developed into a multifaceted mobile food service. Jared’s background in high volume vending as well as catering and restaurant service, gave the business the ability to cater to any style event. With less than a year in the books, the aim for On A Roll is to participate in as many events as possible in as many places as possible.